Pinch N Flip CR Box
The High Lock Pinch N Flip box was an innovation that was pushed by consumers. Our company was constantly asked for an affordable CR multi-pack container that was child resistant and held a large quantity of products. After a lot of research and design, we came up with the Pinch N  Flip. This container is travel sizes and certified child resistant.
Demand for customization was already high in this packaging category, so we made sure to design this for multiple custom label applications. Moreover, it’s a very high quality thick container that is made to be reused as a long-term storage container. Due to the high volume in this packaging category, we made sure to make this an affordable packaging solution. 

…This packaging box is no joke. It’s super thick and my customers love it. 

This is a multi-purpose packaging solution, so inserts for lower quantity or other products is possible. The interior dimensions are large enough for multiple product configurations. 

Proudly produced in the USA. This product is manufactured at Griff Industries Inc. Griff Industries Inc. is a medical grade injection molding facility in Lancaster, CA. A federally recognized manufacturing operation that puts quality control as a top priority. Manufacturing this item in the USA allows us to increase supply chain accuracy/speed and maintain exemplary quality control from start-to-finish.

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