85 Slim Press N Pull CR Box
The 85S (Slim) Press N Pull by High Lock is the original CR packaging box. This item started the Press N Pull line and is one of our favorite innovations to date. The sliding mechanism matched with a simple press button has made this packaging solution the industry standard for multiple use cases. It’s CPSC certified child resistant and available in a large assortment of color combinations. 
The Press N Pull mechanism slides the contents out with the push of a button. It clicks into the locked position once the tray is placed in the correct position. To release the tray you push the front in and press the button. This allows the tray to push forward and show the contents inside. We believe this is the user experience child resistant packaging should provide. It’s a fun/simple mechanism that exceed child resistant standards. 

…Rigid plastic packaging provides my company with confidence children will not be able to obtain the contents inside. We only use High Lock Press N Pulls for our lines. 

The original Press N Pull has a lot of perks. It’s very cost effective for volume packaging. Additionally, this product can be engraved, custom colors available, direct printing, pad printing and custom labels are a breeze. It’s the multi-purpose container you’re looking for. 
Proudly produced in the USA. This product is manufactured at Griff Industries Inc. Griff Industries Inc. is a medical grade injection molding facility in Lancaster, CA. A federally recognized manufacturing operation that puts quality control as a top priority. Manufacturing this item in the USA allows us to increase supply chain accuracy/speed and maintain exemplary quality control from start-to-finish. 

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