The Rip N Shred - Ultimate Herb Packaging Container
The pop top container that changed the landscape of packaging. The Rip N Shred by High Lock was designed to fix the elephant in the room in regard to compliant packaging. The majority of herb packaging solutions were adopted from the pharmaceutical industry. This was a decent solution, but missed a few crucial points. First, the contents did not fit well in the dram sizes adopted from the pharmacy industry, which often created excess plastic used for larger containers or products shoved into smaller vials. Additionally, they had to benefit to the end user. They were just a child resistant storage container. The Rip N Shred changed all of that.
The Rip N Shred is a 25 dram storage container. Additionally, it uses the popular pop top child resistant mechanism with an added latch for additional safety. Lastly, the biggest improvement on this packaging container is the added grinder. This turns the storage container into a long lasting grinder with storage. The Rip N Shred is patented and available at low packaging prices. 

…My customers jaw usually drops once I show them the grinder feature on the Rip N Shred. Great innovation for our industry!

Once your customer tries the Rip N Shred compared to an adopted vial, you will see why it has such a strong presence in the industry. The grinder feature allows it to be so much more than just a storage container. Additionally, it is easy to label and customize to fit your brands needs. 
Proudly produced in the USA. This product is manufactured at Griff Industries Inc. Griff Industries Inc. is a medical grade injection molding facility in Lancaster, CA. A federally recognized manufacturing operation that puts quality control as a top priority. Manufacturing this item in the USA allows us to increase supply chain accuracy/speed and maintain exemplary quality control from start-to-finish. 

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