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About Us
Our industry roots run deep. We have been designing and manufacturing for 10+ years.
Humble beginnings. Our team started with one consumer facing product. A storage container with a built-in method of use that gave us a glimpse into what was coming as the industry evolved. The industry has grown in every direction since our first product hit the market. Our focus has never changed. We have been evolving to consistently offer what our valued customers need. We are hyper-focused on offering real child resistant packaging solutions for your company. 
The Original GrindTainer hit the market.

The first product we designed and manufactured hit the market!

The DoM CR container was patented and released. The 6 Dram Latch Top solves a big niche.

Designed and produced by us. We also created the Latch Top, which is a small Pop Top container with an added latch for additional CR safety.

The Rip N’ Shred changes packaging forever.

We combined wholesale packaging with our grinder patent to create a revolutionary child resistant packaging product.

Wait and see!

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GrindTainer evolved into the second iteration.

We refined our popular Grinder and added an additional size.

The Press N’ Pull. CR Packaging solution for multiple products.

Our multi-purpose child resistant box. The Press N Pull line is one of our top products and is constantly expanding in sizes and use cases.

The Pinch N Flip CR box

Another patented CR box designed and produced at our location. This is a sturdy child resistant box for multiple use cases

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We create powerful SOLUTIONS
Our process
Market Research
We are constantly searching for niche areas of packaging that desperately need a compliant packaging solution.
Mechanism Design
We do extensive research into the missing niche and begin the process of creating a new mechanisms to fit the needs of the problem we are looking to solve.
Product Design
Once we have the perfect mechanism we move into creating the full packaging solution. We understand the importance of price, compliance and customization. This is all heavily covered from start-to-finish on each item we design.
We design and manufacture our products. This allows us full control on the process to ensure we provide the same high quality results with each item we produce.
We’re constantly refining our product. Adding new features. Working to help your business grow.

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We offer a few different options for ordering. If you’re a large brand or distributor, we recommend sending us an email about your inquiry. Our team will ensure you have all the answers, pricing, samples, etc.

Contact us now for your product needs – info@highlock.com

We can process payments via credit cards, paypal and check. If you’re looking to get on terms, we will have you fill out a credit application and take each customer case-by-case, so please call or email us for more details.

We do not sell any of our products directly from us on an ecommerce website. Why do we do this? Our company is not a distribution company. Our focus is manufacturing and innovation. If you would like to distribute our products, please contact us now!

Customization is always a case-by-case project for our company. We believe it’s important to help you find the best solution for your use case. If you would like to customize one of products with engraving, direct print, labels or a custom color, please email us.

Looking for a custom option we do not advertise? Our team can help. We have a vast network of paper and print suppliers. Just send us some information on what you’re looking to do and we will connect you with options!

Lead times? Always an important question. We do manufacture in the USA and can offer quick lead times on a lot of customization, but please contact us. Lead times can change often, so we want to make sure you’re aware of everything.

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