Child Resistant Solutions
HIGHLOCK creative child resistant container solutions. Paradigm shift in unique locking mechanisms and designs. 
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View our unique child resistant portfolio below. Welcome to the future of packaging.
Real child resistant solutions. CPSC & ISO requirements are a minimum for our standards.  We created a higher standard to ensure true compliance and safety.
Revolutionary Designs
Experience designs and containers created for growing brands
What we do

Unique REAL child resistant packaging solutions in a sea of generic none compliant packaging. HIGHend compliant containers at manufacture direct pricing.

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What makes us different from others
Start-to-finish solutions. Novel compliant containers made for specific use cases. Each product is designed and engineered to reduce waste, increase automation and be unique in a sea of generic packaging solutions. 
Child Safety
The highest degree of child resistance requirements is our standard. Safety is the top priority. Deep testing all the way down to raw material utilized in the manufacturing process.
Custom Solutions
Innovative ways to differentiate your products directly from the manufacture. Our customization goes far beyond the average label or print. Custom engraving and color options are available to strengthen your unique brand image.
Manufacture Direct
That's right! Our patent protected products are made by us. You're going to be speaking with the team that designed and manufactures the items. Save time and money going direct to the source.
Quality Control
We stand behind our products. Strict QC policies are implemented to ensure our products are always consistent and meet the rigid ISO & CPSC requirements.

Managing compliant packaging is hard. Far too often we see brands and companies using massive amounts of human resources and capital trying to source compliant child resistant packaging solutions with poor results. Our goal is to reduce the friction and ensure you receive a packaging option that meets all your requirements. Save the hassle and capital. Use High Lock child resistant solutions and sleep easy.

None CR Containers
CR Containers - Adopted From Pharmaceutical
CR Compliant Containers
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